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Product Description

Sprouted (also known as activated) is a process of unlocking nutrients and shedding enzyme inhibitors & anti-nutrients like phytic acid, tannins & toxins from nuts and seeds that prevent us from absorbing the minerals & vitamins packed in them.

These anti-nutrients are present in nature to protect the seeds from premature germination.​ Phytic acid is also present in lentils, grains, beans, and grains, that’s why traditionally we are advised to soak them and then only proceed to consume them. This helps reduce bloating & indigestion.

Sprouted nuts are raw nuts that go through the first stage of sprouting: Imbibition – during this stage the nuts shed phytic acid & tannins present in them and absorb water to encourage the growth process. They are activated to respire and metabolize the stored nutrients, making them more bio-available, more nutrient, better absorbed, and lighter when consumed.

Our signature process takes 3-4 days of – soaking for 12-24 hours in natural saline water to mimic the germination process and then air-drying at low temperatures, making them crunchy to munch!
We do the early but important stage of the seed germination process you can enjoy healthy snacking every day!

Brand Vision

To encourage people to take care of themselves so they can thrive in their lives and live better for themselves and for their loved ones.


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Additional information

Weight100 g

sprouted organic almonds

Pack of


Storage Instructions

Store in an air-tight container or in a cool dry place.

Shelf Life

6 months from packaging date

Country of Origin


Dietary Preferences

Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Not Fried, Vegan

Directions for Use

Add them in salads, smoothies, soups or have them as it is for a wholesome snacking experience!




Not flavoured. Raw, crunchy, a very mild hint of salt. Air-dried & not roasted.

Nutritional Benefits

Nutrient dense
Broken down Phytic acid
Better absorped nutritents
Lighter and easier to digest nuts & seeds
Happy Healthy Snacking!

Allergen Warning (If Any)

Made in a facility peanuts & other treenuts are processed.

Once Opened

Reseal bag after opening & store in a cool dry place or transfer to an airtight container.


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