Jackfruit Vindaloo Stir-Fry, Ready to Cook Veg Meat


Brand Purpose/Vision

Our company was born out of a commitment to create delicious & healthy vegetarian foods with convenient preparation for those with busy, health-aware lifestyles.

Food that is better for you, and better for the planet.

How to Consume

Step1. Add vindaloo paste and 1 TBSP water to a pan
Step2. Stir to combine, add jackfruit shreds and turn on flame
Step3. Saute on medium heat till sizzling hot, about 5 mins.

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Vegan & Vegetarian

We are a vegetarian company, which means all of our products under all of our brands are vegetarian. In addition, all of our products are suitable for vegans. We are 100% Vegan & fully plant-based foods

Gluten-free & dairy-free

all-natural, unprocessed plant-based, always presenting our humble take on the mightiest fruit in the world that’s native to our very own land as locally searched as can be. This fruit needs no fertilizers to grow. No pesticides to survive. Grows in abundance all over the country. And is now brought to you in the form of vegetable/mock-meat/overall incredible ingredient. We call it our #jackofalltrades.

Because there’s nothing our jack can’t do. 52.8 calories (per 100g) 250g, serves 2 preservatives-free high in fibre with a naturally meaty texture, raw jack finds its way into any recipe that calls for some meaty goodness. We process the jackfruit when its raw, completely avoiding the sweet, sticky taste and texture. The jackfruit in this form has mild taste, solid consistency and is also very low in calories. Like really, really low. 52.8 calories per 100 grams low. Perfect for those on a calorie deficit diet! What’s in the box this packet contains 250 grams of raw, ready to cook jackfruit.

Additional information


Jackfruit Shreds 65% (Raw jackfruit), Water & Salt, Vindaloo Spice Paste 35% (Onions, toddy vinegar, coconut milk powder, kashmiri chilli, sunflower oil, jaggery, ginger, garlic, salt, turmeric powder, cumin seeds, black pepper, cloves, rosemary extract)

Country of Origin



Jackfruit Shreds with Vindaloo curry pasate


Eat with Better

Shelf Life

09 months from the date of manufacture

Dietary Preferences

Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegan

Nutritional Information

Energy (KCAL) 116.9, Protein 1.46g, Carbohydrate 16.78g(Of Which sugars 2.54g, Of Which Fiber 7.1g), Fat 4.89g, Saturated Fat 0.56g, Trans Fat 0


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What are the ingredients in the gravy mix?



The gravy mix contains the following ingredients - Onions, Water, Coconut Milk Powder, Ginger, Coconut Oil, Kashmir Chili Powder, Garlic, Coriander Seeds, Turmeric Powder, Mustard Seeds, Tamarind, Salt, Curry Leaves, Fenugreek Seeds, Rosemary Extract.


How long is the shelf life?



The shelf life of the raw jackfruit is up to 1 year from the date of manufacturing


Does it require refrigeration?



No, it does not require refrigeration if unopened. Once opened, it needs to be stored in the fridge. But never in recorded history has it been witnessed that someone hasn't demolished the entire portion in the same sitting.


Do we add preservatives to the jackfruit to get this long shelf life?



No, we don't use any preservatives or anything artificial. We get this long a shelf life from the packaging process we use for our jackfruit i.e retorting. A little fun fact: this form of packaging was developed to provide sustenance for astronauts who were off to space for extended periods of time, as once the food is retorted properly it becomes impervious to changes in the external atmosphere such as temperature, pressure and loss of gravity. It truly is a marvel of modern technology.


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