4 Delicious Food Substitutes for Diabetes: Fear not for We Got your Back!

Dealing with diabetes is not as tough as people think it is with food substitutes for diabetes.

Without any doubt, diabetes can be a struggle, the biggest one being to eliminate and stop the consumption of food items you love. This becomes especially difficult if you have a sweet tooth or a special liking for a certain type of food that you should be avoiding if suffering from a diabetic condition.

No one has to entirely give up their taste for their favorite food item. It is all about healthy eating and consuming the right sort of food to tackle it. And, in this blog post, that is exactly what we will be trying to help you out with.

1. Charity starts at home

This should go without saying, you have to lower your consumption of packaged and processed foods. They come loaded with sodium, sugar, preservatives which aren’t the ingredients we’re looking for when trying to tackle diabetes. Instead, make a switch to home-cooked meals.

When your meals are home-cooked, not only are they fresh, but their nutritional value is so much higher than the packaged and processed foods that are only empty calories. Home-cooked meals have every ingredient measured and some even help you to keep your blood sugar levels in check.

2. Whole-grains over refined carbs

Leaving carbs can be especially torturous if you are a fan of pasta, and obviously, giving-up pizza isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Well, the good news is that you don’t have to do any such things. Carbs aren’t your enemy, refined carbs are. Hence, that is the switch you need to make.

Instead of refined carbs, choose goods prepared from whole grains like whole-wheat flour, brown rice, oats, etc. Start small, if you’re a beginner. Make little switches like swapping white rice with brown rice, and white bread with brown bread. Following the little changes, broaden your horizon. Real progress is in the baby steps.

3. Nuts and oil-seeds over packaged snacks

Packaged snacks like chips and cookies are a tempting option. However, not all that glitters is gold. As stated above, these packaged goods are packed with added sugars, salts, and preservatives, and can worsen your diabetes if consumed too regularly.

A wonderful alternative could be switching to nuts and making a trail mix of nuts for yourself whenever you feel like snacking. A handful of nuts carry way more nutritional value than those empty calories you’d have otherwise consumed. Packed with good fats, protein, and antioxidants, they will surely satiate your hunger-pang!

4. Fruits and natural sweeteners over refined sugar

Diabetes is most unpleasant to people who’ve got a sweet tooth, along with a taste for other savories. Sugar is one item that should be avoided as much as possible. But, the good news is that you don’t have to give it up entirely.

The best alternative to refined sugar is any fruit of your liking. In case you’ve got a craving for a particular food item, natural sweeteners like honey and maple syrup are always an option. However, we’d still advise you to consume it in moderation as it can increase your blood sugar if consumed too often. You can, however, take more liberty with consuming fruits of your choice.

Final thoughts

Tackling diabetes isn’t that hard a task. And, getting diagnosed with diabetes doesn’t mean having to give up your sweet tooth, as well. We hope this list helps you out and proves to be beneficial to you.

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