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The Future of Food Is Here

Unconventional Choices for the Health Conscious Folk. Now unconventional need not always be bad. More often than not, it could be better than the mainstream choices.

Enter NotFoods: A platform to find a curated list of alternate food & beverage options in India. Because conscious choices begin with unconventional decisions!

1. Healthy Me, Healthy Mind

We understand that finding & choosing the healthiest foods for your family’s wellbeing can be difficult. Our ideology is to bring curated products from Alternate Food Brands that are good for you and the planet. NotFoods distinguishes our mindful approach to provide alternate solutions to conventional foods such as dairy, meats, snacks & everyday food essentials.

2. Do great things Together

We are building a community that connects like-minded people & brands who help each other take the unique message of food alternatives forward. A society that believes that alternate foods don’t just uplift your health but also reduce the carbon footprint, an inevitable result of animal husbandry.

3. Clean food, Clean planet

We underpin the significance of clean food solutions that give back to the environment in some way or the other. Bit by bit, we are reinventing eating to a more conscious, eco-friendly & healthy approach. It is high time we become aware of our responsibilities towards our only home – Earth.

With these three objectives, Join NotFoods in becoming more responsible towards nutrition & together building a cleaner, greener and planet-loving community.

Let us unravel and embrace the future of food!

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